Mallett House is a day scholar house at Bishops, founded in 2003. The house is most well-known for its unquenchable gees and thirst for victory in every inter-house event, as well as the togetherness of the Mallett boys and the broader Mallett family.

The boys can enjoy the pastoral care of a nurturing environment in which they can thrive to make the most of their talents and their time at Bishops. Whether their field of focus be academics, culture, or sport, and whatever personality, interests, and future aspirations they have, Mallett takes the Bishops motto of inspiring individuals and raises it up to maximum potential. You can find out more about the house, its leadership, and history on the house pages.

 This website aims to digitize many aspects of information flow within the Mallett community. Find out more about it on the website info page, or get stuck right in to view the latest updates from Mallett House.

Mallett on Eisteddfod night
Mallett on Eisteddfod night

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