This website is designed as a portal by which to deliver news with maximum efficiency to the Mallett family, and also takes on the role of an information system for the boys. The links in the menus above will take you to the various pages wherein you can explore the latest news updates and achievements, as well as information pages about the house and its leadership. In the near future, we will hopefully be able to squeeze multitudes of administrative functions from the infrastructure, from Eisteddfod and Sports Day entries to the discipline within the house.


The House website falls under the jurisdiction of the head of Communications, although often peer help is sought with advanced coding. Nevertheless, it is run entirely by the boys, and save for the housemaster’s newsletters, all the information on the site is also collected by the boys themselves.


The site is currently in v2.0.1. You can follow the development progress on the WebDev blog and make your voice heard on the Feedback page.

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